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Create unique relaxing soundtracks

Relax-n-Calm provides Ad-Free relaxing sleep sounds and ambiences that will enhance your sleep, focus, breathing, and lower stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia and panic-attacks. Deep sleep, white noise, green noise, pink noise and other several soothing sounds to help you get deep sleep.

Top sleep experts around the world highly recommend that guided meditation, nature ambience sounds, deep sleep noises such as white noise, green noise, etc. are very effective in reducing stress, anxiety, panic-attacks and insomnia. Many studies have shown that focusing on such sounds enhances ones productivity in daily routine and makes them stay in a happy / positive frame of mind.

Relax-n-Calm Customizer is a simple yet effective application that we have designed to help you fine-tune relaxing sound per your need.

Using this application you can play as many sleep and ambience sounds that suits your particular mood and mind-frame. You can also control the volume to increase or decrease a particular sound.

This application gives you complete control by allowing you to create infinite possibilities of relax and calm sounds.

  • Play individual sound
  • Play multiple sounds at the same time
  • Control volume of each sound
  • Background play ON
  • Download sounds
  • Continuous repeat-on for all sounds
  • Completely customize the sounds to create a unique soundtrack that suits your needs
  • Keep the sound playing in background, and continue working on other tasks
  • Browse through Fitness Spider website articles and eBooks while listening to relax and calm sounds
  • 100% background ON and Loop (repeat-on) allows you to leave this application sunning in background of your mobile, while you go to sleep
  • Go to sleep by listening to calm and relax sounds and ambiences

We are constantly striving to work along with professional experts to curate the best sleep and ambience sounds that are proven to help in improving brain activity: memory, attention, concentration.

We upload new sounds frequently. If you would like to get notified once we publish new sounds to our library, then do subscribe below:


It is absolutely free! And, No Ads 😀

We do not believe in restricting access to good things. In fact we believe in the philosophy that “What goes around, comes around!” Hence, if we spread positivity and good-will in the world, then it will surely come back, in one way or the other.

Having said that, it would go a long way for us if you can consider buying us a coffee!!

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Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
Relax & Calm
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